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Social Media


Social Media

The following are my various social media accounts.  You are welcome to follow, friend, stalk, etc on any of them!

Also, I have a Twitter, but I NEVER use Twitter.  Don't see your preferred social media platform?  Shoot me a message and tell me why I should join the platform and what benefits it could hold for me!



My Facebook is probably the social media platform I'm on the most.  I spend waaaay too much time on there.  If you're looking for a place to get any more info about me other than the website you're on RIGHT NOW, then my Facebook is the place to be.  You're welcome to friend, or follow me.

NOTE:  You can "friend" me, but if you end up being a dick, I WILL block (or possibly 'unfriend') you!  Don't be a dick!



My Instagram is where I like to post "works in progress" and tease upcoming projects and what-nots.  I also will post the occasional commissions on there as well.

Also, the occaisonal obiligitory food pic might pop up from time to time!



My Tumblr was intended to be place to just post random doodles (and maybe provide a link to my Etsy store to purchase said doodle).  It has mostly just become a mirror of my Instagram, I shall strive to rectify that in the not-too-distant future, to provide a different experience.



This is currently buried at the bottom of my 'Social Media' page, because I'm not able to update it as often as I would like.   Once I upgrade my computer and video recording equipment, I'd like to get post new videos on a weekly'ish basis.

Until then, you can enjoy the few videos I do have that feature me drawing all sped-up.